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BBQ Rub Basics


Let's start simple. How do you use a BBQ rub? Well, there's no wrong way, but there are a lot of right ways. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Sprinkle some on your steak while you're grilling
  • Put some on your veggies before you roast them
  • Throw some in with your burger when you're forming the patties
  • Slather ribs or brisket with mustard and cover liberally with rub
  • Apply olive oil to poultry and dust with some rub
  • Put it in your favorite marinade and let it soak into your meat

No matter how you Rub Yer Meat, you can't go wrong. Our unique blend of spices gives your food a rich, smokey flavor that excites the taste buds and brings you back for more.